New! ACC-U-MARK Multi is infinitely adjustable from 16″ to 28″.

We’ve gotten a ton of requests for an adjustable model. The new ACC-U-MARK Multi allows adjustment to any fraction between 16″ and 28″ – great for stove lengths.

The telescoping carbon fiber shaft features a machined aluminum compression fitting to maintain the setting, easily snugged with a 1/2″ wrench or strong grip.

These are the industry standard for firewood marking gauges. Our Professional Fixed Length tools are used across the country by people who take pride in their work – and their wood piles.

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Our fixed-length tools are designed for high-volume production work sites. They cost a bit less to buy – and without the possibility of adjustment error on the job, they can save a lot in the long run. The fixed length shafts are a bit beefier (and lighter weight) than the Multi adjustable model.

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Best Way to Mark Firewood

Uniform lengths make firewood easier to load and stack.

This is particularly helpful when loading a pickup truck or small trailer. Uniform lengths also ensure you’re getting every possible piece of firewood out of your logs. And we’ve all fought with that stick of firewood that was just a bit too long to fit into the stove.

Sometimes close enough isn’t good enough.

For some, it’s simply about satisfaction and workmanship. A “smooth” wood pile is something to be proud of — it shows craftsmanship in your work.

The pros know

Those who cut firewood for a living know that firewood wood in uniform lengths is worth more money.

88# PULL

  • Keeps tool securely attached to saw bar


  • Maintains balance of saw while being nearly indestructible


  • 16″ – 18″ – 20″ – 22″ – 24″

ACC-U-MARK is a fast and simple way to mark your wood for cutting consistent lengths of firewood. ACC-U-MARK attaches instantly to either side of the saw bar with a super-strong neodymium rare earth magnet.

After attaching ACC-U-MARK to the chainsaw bar, align the round indicator with the squared-up end of the limb or log and make a small notch with the saw chain.

Move up the log, dropping the round indicator into the first notch and continue marking your limb or log in this manner until you have enough marked to begin cutting your wood into rounds.

Remove ACC-U-MARK from the saw and enjoy the benefits of uniform length firewood.

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